Delighting your palate and enjoying views

The Gelateria

Pastel colors and with furnishings that are fun, fresh and original, so the ice cream shop welcomes you on Panicale’s piazza.

The latest addition to the Lillotatini family is the Gelateria Vittoria, dedicated to the beloved granddaughter of Patrizia and Vittorio, who started this business thinking of her and of all children. It has a playful air, decorated in pastel colors and with furnishings that are fun, fresh and original, just like the excellent homemade Italian ice cream that you will find there.

Also located on Panicale’s piazza, it is the ideal setting for delighting your palate with a fantastic gelato while enjoying the picturesque views offered by the square and its fountain.

The young and sparkly Elena and Camilla will be pleased to serve you.

Ristorante Lillotatini

Piazza Umberto I, n. 13/14
06064 Panicale (PG)

Ristorante La Maschera

Tweede Anjeliersdwarsstraat 6-HS, 1015 NT Amsterdam

Il Caffè della Piazza

Piazza Umberto I, n. 3/4
06064 Panicale (PG)

Gelateria Vittoria

Piazza Umberto I, n. 19
06064 Panicale (PG)

La Casina del Lillotatini - Via A. Grossi 06064 Panicale (PG)

La Casa del Campanone - Via A. di Giacomo 06064 Panicale (PG)

Phone +39 075 837771 - Mobile +39 329 0764614 -
Closed Sunday evening and Mondays we advice to reserve - Closed seasonally: from January 27th to the end of February