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The Lillotatini was established in April 1999 in Panicale, a delightful Umbrian village perched on one of the hills surrounding Lake Trasimeno with a strong Tuscan atmosphere.

Patrizia Spadoni, the scion of restaurateurs and hoteliers, was ready to rise to the challenge that had always awaited her: to put all her professionalism and passion into creating in her town a small restaurant known in Italy and all over the world. So she asked Vittorio Boldrini, her husband, who had always believed in the success of this idea, to support her by letting her use his parents’ and grandparents’ store, located in the most beautiful spot of the old town.

The result was a veritable culinary paradise, founded on a cuisine firmly rooted in tradition and based on the knowledge of local foods and historical recipes and of the names of the best suppliers for ingredients. And so in this magical setting a restaurant opened its doors that took its name from the nickname given to Patrizia’s husband by his shopkeeper grandfather and that is now a source of pride for the Panicale community.

Many guests from all over the world come to Lillotatini to savor the flavors, lightness, tradition and sophistication of the unique dishes that make up this cuisine, and then discover the breathtaking beauty of this pristine medieval village.

Patrizia and Vittorio are the cornerstones that firmly guarantee the continuity of Lillotatini’s basic philosophy. This philosophy is now shared by their children Bianca and Marco, who work alongside them with passion and growing professionalism in the food, wine and hospitality business created by their parents.

The management of the kitchen – supervised and guided as always by Patrizia – is now in the hands of chef Ardjent, who, despite his young age, has the experience, professionalism and passion of a consummate chef.


Baccalà del Lillo

Cod fish rolls with potatoes, saffron of Città della Pieve and asparagus

La sfida

La sfida

Toasted bread with chicken patè and duck fois gras

Only chicken liver patè

Ricetta di Baiocco

Ricetta di Baiocco

Typical umbrian "fried bread" with cauliflower and pecorino cheese

Nino quà

Nino quà

Tagliere of Cinta Senese cold cuts from Az. Agr. Carini and selection cheeses

Tagliere of Cinta Senese cold cuts from Az. Agr. Carini

Selection of cheeses

Artisan baked ham from AZ. Agr. Il Poggio and smoked burratina

Cercando sotto terra

Cercando sotto terra

Potatoes, truffle and lentils with melted pecorino


A cena dalla nonna

Chickpea and chestnut soup with toasted bread

Primavera al castello

"Rigatoni" with white duck ragù

Primavera al lago

Spaghetti drawn in bronze dressed with persico (white Trasimeno lake fish) and olives from Taggia

Carbonara del Perugino

Carbonara del Perugino

Ravioli stuffed with quail eggs sauté with bacon from Siena "Cinta" and special sheep cheese (ricotta )from Norcia

Elmetti di Boldrino

Elmetti di Boldrino

Typical Umbrian handmade pasta stuffed with beef and pork meat flavoured with beef tea



Handmade tagliatella dressed with Cintasenese pork and Chianina beef sauce

Main courses

Tentazioni di Checco

Spicy wild boar with onions

Profumi toscani

Cinta Senese little ribs with baked potatoes

Tentazioni di checco

Baked stuffed pigeon

Domenica dalla nonna

Domenica dalla nonna

Rabbit with fennel and rosemary and flan with seasonal vegetables

Il preferito del podestà

“Peposo” typical beef braised in Sangiovese wine and pepper in grains served with mashed potatoes

Trasimeno e dintorni

Oven-baked au gratin eel stuffed with raisins and pine nuts,served on onions and bay leaves, with saute’ spinach

Staff Lillotatini


Bookings need to be requested at least 48 hours before the arrival time. In order to have your booking confirmed, you have to wait confirmation from our staff.

Cooking classes and catered dinners

Patrizia organizes cooking classes directly in your home, with the matching of foods and wines and the tasting of the dishes prepared.
The menu is planned together, and the class covers everything from shopping to preparation and tasting. The Lillotatini also organizes lunches and dinners directly at your home.

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La Maschera del Lillotatini

Thanks to the passion of Patrizia and Vittorio’s son Marco, the Lillotatini philosophy has crossed borders and arrived in Amsterdam.
In the center of the Dutch city, a short walk from the Anne Frank House, Marco and his very Tuscan friend Federico have sealed the partnership between the best Umbrian and Tuscan cuisine and wine traditions, creating La Maschera del Lillotatini (“The Lillotatini Mask”), a real corner of genuine Italian tradition abroad, whose atmosphere, aromas and flavors echo those of Panicale and the Lillotatini.


After having worked as a teacher at various institutes in the hotel and hospitality industry and having contributed to the opening of successful restaurants in Italy and in the world, Patrizia puts her experience, expertise and professionalism at the disposal of those who wish to start a business in the restaurant and hotel world.

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Ristorante Lillotatini

Piazza Umberto I, n. 13/14
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Ristorante La Maschera

Tweede Anjeliersdwarsstraat 6-HS
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La Casina del Lillotatini

Via A. Grossi 06064 Panicale (PG)

La Casa del Campanone

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La Casa nel Castello di Gaiche

Località Gaiche 06066 Piegaro (PG)

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