The Family

Patrizia and Vittorio

It all began with Patrizia's talent, determination and passion for everything that looks beautiful and tastes good. Way back on 1 April 1999, she courageously set out alone to create her Restaurant "Lillotatini" which, twenty years later, she doggedly continues to manage, constantly updating and experimenting with the food, wine and extra virgin olive oil. Patrizia is an expert wine and oil sommelier and has inevitably passed on her love for her work and the products of this wonderful borderland between Umbria and Tuscany to Marco and Bianco, as they grew up.

At the Restaurant you can often meet Vittorio (the real "Lillotatini"), Patrizia's husband, engineer and manager of major international companies, who will passionately tell guests the beautiful story, which began between the walls of the grocer's shop, created by his grandfather and continued by his father.

Marco and Bianca

After obtaining a first-class degree in Economics at the LUISS university in Rome, Marco made an easy choice between "a call from the heart" and his talent as a food and wine connoisseur and the studies he had completed which, nevertheless, have proved extremely precious for his subsequent entrepreneurial business activity. After gaining some important experience in England, Australia and the Netherlands, he opened his little gem of a restaurant “La Maschera del Lillotatini" in Amsterdam in February 2016, nominated as one of the top Italian restaurants in Holland. He has created a very popular Blog (on his website, where he recommends his homeland and its products (especially the wines, on the strength of being awarded the certificate as Sommelier). Marco also offers his professional knowledge of economics and food and wine to those intending to invest in the Food & Beverage sector in the Netherlands.

A brilliant lawyer, she uses her legal knowledge to support the family business. The passion handed down by her mother, together with the atmosphere surrounding her from early childhood, has led her to diligently attend training and refresher courses in food and wine. Bianca is currently studying for her "diploma" as wine and oil sommelier and ONAV [National Organisation of Wine Tasters] taster, while simultaneously cultivating her great passion for bread-making and pastries with natural rising agents.

Ristorante Lillotatini

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Ristorante La Maschera

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La Casina del Lillotatini

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La Casa del Campanone

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La Casa nel Castello di Gaiche

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