"Alimentari e Diversi"

“Lillotatini” is nickname I was given by my grandpa, a solid rock of a man in a white jacket.

He was cheeky and ironic, but also sensitive and generous with those who came to his “Alimentari e Diversi” (“Groceries and Other Things”) store.

A lot of time has passed since then, but anyone who opens the door of that place today still finds a cheeky, ironic, generous, sensitive and always smiling person to welcome them: Patrizia, my wife.

"Alimentari e Diversi"
Unique recipes
Unique recipes

A cuisine firmly rooted in tradition and based on the knowledge of local foods and historical recipes.

Fabulous holiday
Fabulous holiday

It is the best location for romantic and unforgettable experience between magic, silence, relax and fun in the heart of a real medieval village.

Ristorante Lillotatini

Piazza Umberto I, n. 13/14
06064 Panicale (PG)

Ristorante La Maschera

Tweede Anjeliersdwarsstraat 6-HS
1015 NT Amsterdam

La Casina del Lillotatini

Via A. Grossi 06064 Panicale (PG)

La Casa del Campanone

Via A. di Giacomo 06064 Panicale (PG)

La Casa nel Castello di Gaiche

Località Gaiche 06066 Piegaro (PG)

Phone +39 075 837771 - Mobile + 39 393 4447398 / +39 329 0764614 - info@lillotatini.it
Reservation is required Open for lunch 12.30 - 13:45 and dinner 19:30 - 20:45 Day Off: Sunday evening and Monday - - Closed until the 15 of March